How Safe is a Mexican Vacation in 2020?

by WLCFW on November 19, 2019

How Safe is a Mexican Vacation in 2020

Are you wondering how safe a Mexican vacation will be if you want to head there for a winter or spring break trip in 2020?  It’s not an unreasonable question.  After all, have you seen some of the headlines popping up in the media?  They look terrifying!

The good news is that if you want to go on a safe Mexican vacation in 2020, you’re in luck.  Mexico remains a very safe place for international tourists to travel.  The key is to travel to the right places – and most popular tourism destinations are well within those regions – and to use the same kind of common sense you’d use when visiting any other city in the world.

Common Sense for Safe Travels

Just because you’re on a dream trip away from home and staying in a luxury villa rental, it doesn’t mean you are invulnerable to mishaps.  Therefore, remember that you can determine precisely how safe your Mexican vacation will be using your own choices.

The following are some great tips to help you to avoid any unnecessary problems while you’re away.  Use these tips to make sure you’re on a safe Mexican vacation in 2020 or whenever you plan to head away.

  • Choose the right destination – Make sure you’re headed to a location that is known for safety. For example, Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area have been historically known for providing a safe Mexican vacation for travelers from around the world.  Equally, avoid regions near the U.S.-Mexico border.  That’s where the headlines about drug crimes are coming from.  Alternately Nayarit, for instance, is nowhere near the border and would be a far better choice.
  • Don’t get involved in drugs in any way – Nearly all violent crimes in Mexico are linked with drugs. Therefore, don’t try to buy any and don’t try to get involved in the drug trade, and you’ll sidestep that entire problem.
  • Stay at accommodations with a strong reputation – Look for a resort, hotel, or villa rental with an exceptional reputation for safety. While you’re there, speak with the hotel staff or even the individual manning the gate of a gated community in which your villa is located.  They will be able to confirm that your plans for the day will be safe or can direct you away from some shadier locations if there are any nearby.
  • Choose transportation wisely – Mexico City’s taxis don’t have a stellar reputation. However, you can make up for that by simply using Uber or arranging for a car through your villa, hotel or resort.
  • Don’t stand out – You may love to show off your expensive jewelry, sunglasses, electronics and brand-name shirts, hats and shoes, but – as is the case in virtually any city in the world – this makes you a target to would-be thieves. If you do have to dress up to go somewhere fancy, don’t walk around on your night out. Take an Uber or a car arranged by your accommodations. This is a very simple and convenient step to make sure you have a safe Mexican vacation in 2020.


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