Chocolate Cravings

Women and Chocolate Cravings

October 14, 2019

Women and chocolate cravings go together. After all, women have been known for enjoying sweets, specifically of the chocolate nature, more than their male counterparts. Although studies have shown that both men and women can have chocolate cravings, women are more likely to experience the need for an immediate fix! To better understand women and […]

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How to Curb PMS Cravings When Dieting

December 3, 2013

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) cravings aren’t all in our heads like some would like us to believe. It is however, something that is there for a reason but has been thrown out of whack. We can curb PMS cravings while we are dieting and here we will share some of why this happens and how we […]

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How to Prevent Binge Eating When You Feel Stressed

October 2, 2013

It’s a very easy pattern to fall into and yet it can be quite destructive so you may wonder how to prevent binge eating when you feel stressed. It’s a common tendency that so many of us have as we turn to food for comfort. Though some people tend to skip eating when they feel […]

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