Are You Getting Enough Exercise?

January 27, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re getting enough exercise? Do your daily and weekly workouts count enough to bring you up to your minimum for health and weight loss or weight maintenance? Is the amount of physical activity that you’re getting going to help you to reach your goals? The fact of the matter […]

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Smartphones Cause Decline in Fitness Efforts

December 29, 2019

If you are like a lot of people, you are often stopping to look at your smartphone throughout the day, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. Smartphones are a necessity these days for many people, but it turns out that, even though they can provide a lot of benefits, they might […]

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5 Benefits of Exercising Outside

November 18, 2019

Want to get in shape? Considering a gym membership or an aerobics video? Doesn’t it sound a lot more appealing to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight for a while? There’s a reason that your body is trying to send you this message. These instincts are pointing you toward a healthier way […]

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Does a Stronger Upper Body Mean a Smaller Chest?

August 15, 2018

As a woman, you might be afraid of working on your chest muscles because you think that a stronger upper body will lead to smaller breasts. However, do you really need to sacrifice your womanly figure to have a strong upper body? Get to Know Your Chest Muscles Did you know that your chest consists […]

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Fitness Success Strategies of Super-Fit Working Moms

October 12, 2017

Being a working mom could cause you to put your fitness goals on the back burner. But this shouldn’t be the case, as you should be able to put your health first. With the tactics below, which are some of the top success strategies that are used by fit working mothers, you can find the […]

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Workout Pants That Stay Put During Any Exercise

September 28, 2017

When you are exercising, the last thing that you want to think about or be distracted by is your wardrobe. And while there are loads of workout clothing brands out there, they aren’t all created equal. So continue reading to learn about a few of the workout pants that stay put during any exercise. By […]

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These Exercises for New Moms Help You Ease Back Into Fitness

August 19, 2017

Even if you stayed active throughout your pregnancy, there came a point when you had to ease up a bit and you weren’t able to do everything that you used to do before you got pregnant. So now that you have delivered your beautiful bundle of joy, it is time to try out some exercises […]

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How to Split up Your Strength Training Days for Maximum Results

June 5, 2017

Many beginners make the mistake of trying to exercise every muscle group during every training session. But this often results in not giving enough attention to every muscle group, and that leads to poor muscle growth. A better way to ensure your are developing strength would be to split up your strength training days, and […]

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Simple and Beneficial Yoga Poses for New Moms

February 9, 2017

Yoga poses for new moms aren’t necessarily the same as the ones you’d do in a standard class. After all, your body is healing and undergoing a number of significant changes at the same time that you’re likely running on very little sleep. Still, when you take on the right yoga poses for new moms […]

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Winter Workouts: Uncontrollable Shivering During Exercise

December 14, 2016

When you think about a good workout, the odds are that you are more likely to imagine working up a good sweat than shivering during exercise. However, it is not uncommon to experience chills or dramatic shivers when you’re doing a cardio workout, particularly in the winter. The main reason that most people experience shivering […]

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